Day 245 – The Perfect Post-Coital Snack

I don’t quite understand what it is about my husband Garbanzo.  He must have been some sort of old Jewish woman in a past life – one that walked around saying “eat, eat!”  Whatever situation we are in, he feels the need to feed people.

Tonight, it was his famous chocolate chip cookies.  The only chips we had in the house – were the Ghirardelli dark chocolate ones.  They were fantastic in cookies.  And, Guinness goes will with them too.

If you’d like the recipe, let me know – I’ll him post it.  They are a fantastic way to refuel.  I can say that!

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  1. Osbasso says:

    Refuel for what?? 😉

  2. Just me... says:

    Mmm.. Chocolate chip cookies.. Perfect in every situation!!! :):)

  3. I want the recipe! Mmmm Ghirardelli chips.

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