Day 243 – A Day in the Life

First off, thank you for all of the great comments I received on my first HNT on my blog!  I appreciated all of the comments.  Thank you!

Today was kind of an odd day.  My allergies prevented me from getting a lot of sleep last night, so I decided to hell with it – and stayed home.  They are laying me off in a few weeks, so they really aren’t going to fire me.  Plus, I did respond to questions, etc. 

Later in the day, I did start feeling more human. Rest and some entertainment did help.  Thank you for those who chatted with me today.  I enjoyed it! 🙂

Portland at 7am.

Consider it my HNT bonus shot – my legs post 4 mile run thru downtown Portland.
And, can I just say, I kicked ass tonight?!  Much faster and stronger compared to a month ago when we did the first Thursday run.

My reward post-run – beer and a chance to win something at the raffle.  We hit 9 of the 12 check points.  Awesome!  And, my priorities are straight – we got back in time to get the beer before they started having keg problems. 

Garbanzo and I post-run….

Another bonus HNT – or what I like to call who I will be doing for my cool down once we get home. 

And then there is this depressing shot.  The start of the harvest moons.  Wish I had my real camera for a better shot, but it was depressing as it marks the end of summer.

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  1. Just me... says:

    Not to make in appropriate comments about your husband, but…
    Oh, God!! I love a man with hair on his chest!!!!! Makes me want to purr.. :):):)

  2. I love harvest moons. And because I’m contrary I love arguing about their size with people.


    I have…issues.

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