Day 242 – Random Act of Boredom

I was sitting in a conference room today refereeing an argument with the project manager who decided at the last minute that the server configuration was not what it should be for Friday morning’s go-live when I noticed the phone.

Our phones have programmable buttons.  Users can program them to be whatever they want to be.  This phone sits in a conference room so I was really surprised to see there were any buttons programmed. 

It was the “Fire Laser” button that caught my attention.  I was impressed that the person resisted the urge to make the Monkeys button the same as the Executives.  And Robots was also a nice touch.

The meeting must have been short because the other page of programmable button options was just the standard defaults.  I kept the other IT manager from resetting the phone as he threatened to do upon seeing it.  I found entertainment in it and figured maybe someone else would need it too.  Plus, to type all of those buttons out using the keypad took time – I appreciated the dedication and thought others should too.

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  1. THAT is hilarious! I love random acts of comedy! My hats off to whomever did that.

  2. Just me... says:

    I would just HAVE to push the buttons to see where they rang!!! :):):)

  3. Cheeks says:

    In my head, I hear Frau Farbissina yelling “Fire the Laser!” when I see that button.

    I’m so glad you didn’t change the phone – that is too funny!

  4. LOL
    I would have tried to zap someone!

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