Day 241 – What I Did Today

We are at an important part of the project at work – the part where Emmy stays the hell out of it and keep other IT people out of it. 

It may sound like a joke – but it is the truth.  We turned the system over to the business over the weekend, and to ensure they take ownership of the system and the processes – then we need to stay the hell out of it.  At the end of the day, it is their system, not ours.  (Plus we are all getting laid off on 1-Oct, so it’s best they learn to handle it themselves now!)

SO, I went through files today.  And filled up my recycle bin.  And created quite the  abundance of extra file folders and 3 ring binders.  Yep – I got paid my salary to go thru my files.  Woo-freakin’-hoo.

But, I did get some good news.  My boss is in the space where she wants me to take as much time off as I can.  Half days? Take ’em.  Time off.  Take it.  She knows I’m going to get screwed – and is more than open to minimizing how badly.  That’s definitely good news.

Oh, and I’m going to do an unsolicited promotion of Lilly from and her contest.  She is giving away an amazing dildo – an NJoy Pure Wand.  As someone who owns almost all of the NJoy products (thanks Garbanzo), I will have to say that whoever gets it will be very happy with it.  This one is definitely a favorite. Let me be honest, they are all my favorite, but this is definitely my go-to toy in my collection.  Go, check it out, and don’t miss a chance to win this prize. 

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  1. Just me... says:

    Excellent news on the time off!! As for the cleaning out files on company time, I wouldn’t imagine they should except anything less…
    And if they did, talk about delusional!!! :):):)

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