A Good Night Kiss

“I want to come over and kiss you.” was all the text message read.

It was about 10pm, the kids were in bed, I was in bed reading, so I responded to her “Come on by”

I heard a yell from the other room “Just got a text from our friend, she says she’s coming over to kiss you.”

“I know.  She sent me the same message.”

I heard a quick knock at the door, the door opening, and suddenly she was there with me in the bedroom.  Her arms were around my neck almost immediately as she pulled me in for a kiss. 

Her lips were soft, but her kiss was urgent.  I put on hand in her hair as I matched her passion in the kiss.

The smell of her filled my nose – the scents that always remind me of her.

She pulled back a bit and said “I’ve been wanting to do that all night”, then she pulled me back in for another deep kiss.

This time, one of her hands slid down the spaghetti strap of my nightie.  I felt her hand stroking my shoulder and slide down my bodice to find a nipple.  She squeezed it making me moan into our kiss. 

We eventually lay back together as we continued to make out, groping each other.  I tried to remove some of her clothes, so I could get at her beautiful body, but each time she whispered, “I’m not staying. I just came here to kiss you.” 

But, I felt at an unfair advantage.  I was only in a nightie…nothing else.  Her hands were everywhere as was her mouth – on my mouth, my neck, my nipples and eventually on my clit.  She had me going crazy, but showed mercy on me by letting me cum. 

At this point, I was grateful, but could not let her get off (or not get off) that easily.  I had to return the favor.

I pulled off her shirt and helped her take off her bra.  I wanted my mouth and hands on her breasts and nipples. 

“Your mouth feels great” she whispered between moans.  She asked that I keep doing that as she took care of herself.  I knew she couldn’t stay, so agreed.

Her nipple turned hard and long while I sucked it into my mouth.  Occasionally she would moan something like “harder” or “take more”.  Her breathing changed, and I knew she was on the verge of cumming.

After she started recovering from her orgasm, we kissed softly this time.  We sat up together, and she pulled herself together in preparation for her departure.

As she got ready to leave, I kissed her one last time and whispered, “Come kiss me good night anytime.”

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  1. Very hot! Love your story.

  2. Vixen says:

    I want a friend like that!

    *fans self* Very hot……

  3. rage says:

    Umm, that was like….totally HOT!

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