Salad Challenge Recipe: Corn Salad

If you read a few other blogs (and you probably do), you have noticed the great salad challenge has been brought up by several of us.  The gist, in case you missed it, is that we eat, for the next 90 days, a salad a day.   Salads include veggies – does not include things like chicken salad, pasta salad, or salads you get at McDonalds.  The idea is veggies.

Last Friday, we were picking up some groceries, and we found good corn on sale.  Let me explain the “good” part of that statement.  I grew up in the Land of Tall Corn (aka Iowa).  I am picky about my corn.  I will pick through a mount of corn looking for the “good ones” which, I know, drives people nutty – and makes them start wondering if they are maybe missing something.  It’s entertaining at the very least.

Finding the corn made the think about making a roasted corn salad.  I had Garbanzo grill the corn – then I cut it off the cob.

6 ears of roasted corn, kernels cut off the cob.
2 cucumbers – peeled and diced.
peppers diced- I used 3 red, green and yellow.
cilantro chopped
Scallions chopped

I tossed it with lemon juice, salt, cumin to taste.
It was very good, if I may say so myself!

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  1. Just me... says:

    That look deliscious!! Getting tired of green salad with grilled chicken.. No matter what you top it with, it’s still green salad with chicken!
    If I can find all the ingredients in our humble burg, I think I’ll try my hand at this!! Thanks for the recipe!!
    ((Cilantro may be the challenge here!!))

  2. Sexy PTA Mom says:

    Oh, you are so good! Honestly, I’d rather have you come cook it for me!

  3. That looks very tasty! Mmmmm

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