Day 228 – WTF?

What is it with foot fetishes?  I got a comment from Rage that mentioned “My boss has a foot-fetish.” So does Mr Chatty. 

And, he won’t stop looking at my feet when I’m wearing my sandals.  He will talk to me, and occasionally steal glances at my feet.  And he looks at them the same way he looks at my cleavage some days. (I will cross my arms and glare at him when I catch him doing that in a conversation – and he usually gets the message and scurries away.)

I wish it were just Mr Chatty though.  But, the HVAC guy who has been spending a lot of time at the office because the heat keeps breaking our HVAC system also has a foot fetish.  Same staring problem – but he back peddled when I caught him.  Later, I heard he did the same thing with other women in the building.

And, I wish that were the last one.  But then there was the director of our customer service group.  He was pretty open about it.  Much to the dismay of his staff.

So it made me wonder….what am I missing?  Are my feet really that great?  I mean, they are just feet to me.  I walk on them. 

I live in my Chacos in the summer, thus the striped tan lines. 

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  1. Just me... says:

    You have very lovely feet.. Even with the stripe.. :)~
    Having been cursed with what my family jokingly refer to as our Flintstone feet, I’m slightly jealous of people who have nice feet and can wear sandals unselfconsciously!!

  2. I’m not a foot person, but you have a great pedicure!

  3. Dana says:

    You really do have pretty feet Emmy! Not your average gnarly, Fred Flinstone looking peds. Poor Mr. Chatty – probably goes nuts when you wear sandals!

    And I have a Teva tan 🙂

  4. I don’t have a foot fetish – but I quite enjoy when I have to draw feet – they are always a challenge. You have lovely feet.

  5. Osbasso says:

    I’ve never quite understood the fetish. But your feet look quite nice!

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