Day 219 – TKD

Monday Nights, I meet the family at the taekwondo school after work.  I watch a little of DJ’s class, we eat, then watch Indigo.

Tonight was a bit more chaotic because I was at work so freaking long.  I went in before 7am and left after 5pm – and maybe about 30 minutes for lunch.  What a fucking day!  Tomorrow will be worse as I have to be on a conference call at 6:30am and won’t likely be home before 6:30pm.  Yes, this is me whining.  I whine because no one else will do it without expecting a fucking medal.  Or without expecting Friday off.  I do my job – and whine at home and to people who know me.   Don’t you feel lucky.

I did learn today that my boss is contemplating extending my layoff date by a month.  They want to move offices during the same time frame they are laying off all of IT.  Oops.  She said to a contractor I’m working with to help get shit done that a guy I hired 10 years ago and I may be asked to stay (or begged as she added).  It would be for an extra month.  We’ll see, I guess.

Anyway, back to Taekwondo….

Here are some scenes not of the classes themselves but of the things from the night:

Gee, think they are related.

My salad for today – a vegan salad.  The dressing was a cucumber base.  I was afraid to ask what the cream base was given it can’t be yogurt or milk or cream or mayo or those types as those are not vegan.  I just enjoyed it immensely.  The carrots on top were marinaded in a Japanese vinegar.  Yummy.

I love how thoughtfully someone put the glass of water on top of the cart.  It made me laugh really.  Wonder who is going to put it upright in disgust and get doused.

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  1. Remember the harder you work, the more work you are given as a reward.

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