Day 217 – Gluttony

Gluttony is always the theme whenever we get together with our friends from college and their respective spouses.  We aim to get together every month, but it is more something we do on a quarterly basis.  Since everyone loves to cook (and eat and drink), we usually set a theme and see what comes out.

Tonight’s – besides alcohol, the theme was South/Central American Food.  Garbanzo made mojitos.  Our friend from college Jay made margaritas.  And his wife Mandy drank the margaritas.  At one point, our friend from college The Doctor, Mandy and me were sitting on their front porch with our drinks in hand, discussing the pros and cons of using food during sex (chocolate sauce and caramel were the primary examples), when we realized the guys were all in the kitchen drinking more drinks than they were making.  I should mention that The Doctor is very, very vanilla in her approach to life – so clearly the drinks were strong if she was participating in this conversation.  Mandy and Garbanzo have a continually flirtatious relationship.  Partially due to Mandy’s Long Island accent and stories.  (Mandy’s poor mom has to listen to Garbanzo continually requesting for her to say “cheddar” over and over again while she visits.)

The food was fabulous.  We drank too much. 

This is Jay and Mandy.  Mandy is a breast cancer survivor.  Her husband and Garbanzo were teasing her about the earlier dulce de leche licked off her neck incident.  Mandy is really good at making her husband turn red with her outgoing, somewhat loud personality.  Jay is a good Oklahoma boy who is innocent. 

Here is a glimpse of our table.  Skirt steak, grilled corn with lime and queso, torta, refried beans from scratch, and various other things.  Notice the four bottles of wine one the table.  It should be noted that there were only six adults.  Yeah, it was definitely a fun night.

And this:

Homemade Dulche de Leche…..yummy.  Easy to make.  And, no, there will be no smearing of anything on anyone in our house.  Sorry, not into that…. 😉

We all left thankfully with designated drivers, and a date already reserved for the next gathering.  Jay is making a brisket.  Southern food is going to be our theme.  That could be interesting.

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  1. garbonzo says:

    I make a fierce mojito! Fierce I tell you!

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