Day 214 – Bob the Builder

Or maybe, more appropriately, it should be Garbanzo the Builder, but the song just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Garbanzo has been doing his own gutter replacement in the back.  We chose this route after getting quoted an insane amount of money to have someone else do it.  It is a learning opportunity.

Here are the brackets he made and installed.  This was what the contractor had bid out to do, so he just followed the guy’s suggestion.

And here is the partially installed gutters.  I have to given him kudos for the roof job.  It looks great and shows us that we will be needing our roof done probably next summer.

Lastly, I found this pretty funny.  I guess he did get frustrated while trying to get the gutter hung.  I commend him for just throwing them on the ground.  I doubt you would have found that hammer after I had thrown it in frustration ….. not that I have any experience with doing that….

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  1. Just me... says:

    Hammer-throwing… Serious stress relief!!
    Sadly, I throw like a girl and it did’t go very far.. But it felt good!! :):)

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