Day 212 – Comic Book Geeks

I arrived to meet the family for taekwondo and saw this:

Indigo reading about the ships and crafts in the Star Wars movies.

DJ proving that she needs a lesson in sitting in a skirt….and reading a Star Wars graphic novel.

And their leader – Garbanzo blogging while drinking his iced coffee with nonfat milk and sugar free hazelnut syrup.  He was blogging about The Burn (the run, not some STD).  Under his Mac is another graphic novel of …. Star Wars, I believe.  Noticing a trend?

Later on, I took this picture:

While most parents would say, “be careful – don’t jump; walk down the steps”.
I say, “Hold on a second, I want to take a picture of you leaping down the steps.”
I guess the universe has to have parents like me to balance out the parents who won’t let their child walk down cement steps without their hands being held to prevent falling and possible head injuries.
I should mention that Indigo has been to the ER twice with possible concussions resulting from an injury involving cement steps and jumping.  Clearly neither she nor I were scarred permanently by those visits.
(And both trips resulted in the most expensive Popsicle ever! And no concussion.)

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  1. My boys would so love those books 🙂

  2. garbonzo says:

    the kids need an education. What are they teaching kids in schools these days????

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