Day 210 – Out of Control

As Garbanzo got ready to leave to go run the Tillamook Burn, the girls and I wandered down the street to go to the Overlook Village Celebration.  Overlook is the neighborhood our house is located in.  Given the amount of new business that has grown up between the MAX train and the Adidas headquarters, they decided to hold a celebration.

Portland is great for street/neighborhood fairs.  They will block off major roads to have them.  Since Portland has a large artist community, the fairs are usually full of artists, musicians and other performers.  To be quite honest, I was disappointed.  There were people and booths setup.  But, only one group of musicians were playing.  There looked to be a kids play area….but I couldn’t tell for certain given there was a block party also going on right in the midst of it.  Hard to tell which party that belonged to.  The streets and everything were just as busy, and there were really no food vendors even setup.   I heard there was another (larger) neighborhood fair setup.  Maybe it was a timing thing.  Maybe it was poor organization for the first year’s fair.  Who knows.   We went.  It was boring.  We went home.  We got a walk out of it, I guess.

As for the photo of the day, my wysteria is out of control again:

Guess I’ll be finding my clippers tomorrow and giving it a haircut now that it has found its way into the house.

What do you think?

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