Changing the Rules

As I’ve already mentioned, Garbanzo’s grandfather Skeet was an officer in the Navy.  What isn’t well known by many is that so was Garbanzo’s grandmother Ethel.  Ethel was actually married to a navy pilot during the start of WW II.  Unfortunately, he was killed early on in the war.

Ethel met Skeet while Skeet and her husband were both stationed in Coronado.  In fact, Skeet’s sister was staying with him at the time. (Family gossip which she confirmed at Skeet’s funeral was that she was sent to live with Skeet because the family didn’t like the boy she was dating.)  Skeet, his sister, Ethel and her husband had a standing game of bridge together.   To quote Ethel, they all got along famously.

After Ethel’s husband was killed, Skeet sent her a letter expressing his condolences.  She was a commissioned officer in the Navy by this time – part of the WAVES.  As Ethel explained a couple years after Skeet’s death, their correspondence reunited them and eventually brought them together romantically.  (Again, using her words.) They were married in Annapolis, I think.

Oh, and at the time, the Navy had strict regulations about officers sleeping together.  This was obviously before the WAVES, so they had to petition for the regulation to be changed in their case given they were planning on sleeping together after the wedding.

Here is some footage of Skeet and Ethel running from the place they were married to their car as well as some WAVES marching.  In the wedding video, note the fact Ethel has a cigarette in her hand.  When I saw this, I began laughing hysterically.  Ethel was a chain smoker until a couple years ago when she was hospitalized after breaking her hip.  Until that forced her to quit, you always saw her with a cigarette in her hand.  I love seeing how far back this obsession goes.  I mean, was she smoking during the wedding too?

Wedding Video from Emmy on Vimeo.

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