Action Shots

I have decided that I am good at taking action shots especially when I am in the right place and light.  Yesterday was a great example of it.  Here are some of the random bike shots I took.  I had on my Nikon 70-300 zoom lens.  A lens I usually have a love-hate relationship with, but was the right lens yesterday.

Had to show the side shots of the two bikes.  The girls kept asking me why those bikes were making weird noises when they zoomed by us on the hills.  I had to explain about tire pressure while at the same time hoping Garbanzo had over-inflated his a bit.  (He had, by the way.)  The first bike I showed was a $15,000 bike.  Garbanzo talked to its owner as he was leaving, and the guy had built it up from the frame.  He said the gearing was the most expensive part of the whole thing.  Not much of a surprise really.

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  1. Excellent photos. You did a great job with the camera.

  2. Hope says:

    yes…the skills are great lol…look at all the detail…nom. oh wait did I say that outloud?

  3. Emmy says:

    ASM – Thank you! I seem to do better with moving targets than staged pictures sometimes. 🙂

    Hope – it does help that there were some good “subjects” 😉

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