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My picture of the day post last night ended up not publishing for some reason.  I didn’t discover it until this morning.  That’ll teach me to post it from my iPhone and not check that it actually posted.

Work has been actually kind of fun this week.  And, not in the way most would expect.  People are stressing out, so we’re seeing some huge personality changes as a result of it.  These changes, while normal, are rather humorous to see.

There is the analyst in IT who works for the same CIO (but is not my peer, just to be clear), and she has decided I am her enemy.  I was getting the passive aggressive cold shoulder from her all week….which makes me laugh thus defeating what she is trying to accomplish.  She was put in charge of a part of the project and has been bitching and moaning that no one is taking control of it.  I pointed out to her a few weeks ago that someone was put in charge of it  – her.  She took a 5 day weekend a week ago where she made it very clear she was unavailable.  This part of the project was seriously off its rails – two weeks going on three weeks behind.  So, I took it over.  I was sick of hearing everyone bitch that it was late – no one stepping up, so I did.  It’s what I do.  She came back, got pissed that someone took control, and has been passive aggressive ever since.  And, I laugh….because the core problem: I got this part of the project back on track…..in two days.  And, every time some threatens to pull it back off the rails, I stop it.  Yep – I’m evil like that. (insert eye roll here.)

The consultants are also going nutty too.  The manager of the analysts Frank has developed a glare and response technique that could drop a man (or woman) on the spot.  Frank is a guy who talks more than he listens.  Everyone knows that – his team, our team, the rest of the consultants.  I thought my interactions with him were special – I can rile Frank up pretty easy.  But, then I learned the technical manager on his own team – his peer – can do it too.  Almost every meeting I have been in with Frank has led Frank to give me his death glare.  And, the easiest way to get it – interrupt him.  Anyone who does gets bitched out by him – if you are working for him.  If that person is me – you just get the death glare.  I almost fell out of my chair with laughter the first time he did it.  Basically because he got dismissive over a piece of the project that isn’t important to them – but is VERY important to us.  So, I pointed out that contractually they are obligated to deliver it in the same timeframe – or they have some explaining to do to us as to why they can’t.  Yeah, he didn’t like that.  Whatever, Frank.

And, Mr Chatty has been in an extra fine mood these days.  My boss said it best by summarizing his behavior as someone who is really bothered by the fact he’s losing his job – but is pretending it doesn’t bother him.  Throw in his inability to deliver on anything, and he’s just all over the place more than he usually is.  I did manage to make him made at me during the course of the week.  I stopped him from jumping into an issue that a network guy was solving.  I had been hearing the network guy working the issue, he had it under control, he is competent and able, so didn’t need someone talking to him over his shoulder while he was on the phone with technical support.  After Mr Chatty stormed out to have a cigarette, I walked to the network guy and whispered “you’re welcome” into his free ear.

Outside of work, things have been great.  I have decided that Garbanzo and I have not been going out enough when DJ mentioned to Garbanzo that we seem to be going out on a lot of dates.  Then she pointed out we were already married – and didn’t understand why you needed to continue to date once you are married.  Garbanzo explained that just because you are married doesn’t mean you should stop going on dates.

I played soccer on my friend’s lesbian soccer team on Thursday night.  I was thankful for all of the exercise I have been doing because the running wasn’t what did me in.  It was kicking a soccer ball.  I’m feeling it now.  Different set of muscles.  My proudest achievement of the night wasn’t how I played, but the fact I out ran Ms Panda.  That girl is like the energizer bunny….she just keeps going.  As Odin commented afterwards, it was the first time any of use saw Ms Panda winded….EVER!  Woo-hoo! I kept up and surpassed the 22 year old on the field.  She still outplayed me, but I can guarantee I am not nearly as sore as she is today.

Very early in the week, I completed the two-hundred sit-up challenge (see badge on website) which was a huge accomplishment.  I started the one-hundred push ups challenge now.  And, when I completed the initial test, I found myself in the hardest workout column for the week.  Nothing like starting the interval training off with a total of 50+ pushups.  How does that phrase go? That which does not kill you….?

This weekend, Portland turns into a sauna.  They are forecasting 4 days in a row at 105 degrees with the days before and after that stretch being in the mid-to-upper 90s.  But, I’m happy that we really don’t have the schedule of plans we’ve had every weekend this summer.  I plan on relaxing … maybe getting some stuff done that I’ve been meaning to get done but haven’t had time.  But it’s nice having our own schedule instead of commitments.  The only two commitments this week: drinks with a friend tonight and possibly going out with her afterwards.  And, a birthday party tomorrow.  That’s it.  Nothing more.  All low stress.

I will leave you with a DJ quote.  While at the store Thursday with Garbanzo and Ms Panda, she looks at the two vegetarians and say, “You know. I like both kinds of chickens.  Alive and dead.”

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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  1. Just me... says:

    Out of the mouths of babes..
    Gotta love a kid with her priorities straightened out at such a young age!!! :):)

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