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As a beer lover, I found this article 3 Smart Things About Beer Marketing rather humorous.  I don’t know if I would call them smart, but the truth behind them are pretty funny – and still won’t get me to drink any of those beers.

Have a Wii at home?  Wanna see what some people in Australia did with their Wii remote and Bluetooth?  Here is a preview:

Click on this link to see the video.

Last Friday, Garbanzo and I went to a midnight showing of Empire Strikes Back.  Someone sent me this in email, but I found the link to share with you.  An April Fool’s Joke has taken root at ThinkGeek.  They are actually hoping to get George Lucas to sign off on this:

I love the light saber zipper that you can use to kill and gut your Tauntaun sleeping bag.  I love the inside fabric which looks like the innards.  I guess you just have to hope that the thing doesn’t smell the Hans Solo describes in the movie.  Maybe that can be their gag next year – Tauntaun spray.

Oh, and the local 501st was at the movie beforehand ….. I figured since I was being dragged along, I might as well have the full geek experience:

Me and a storm trooper – I’ve been told it is a “special” storm trooper with a different name, but I’m not that big of a geek to know the name of it.  But, this guy would let me play with his gun.  Put a geek in a costume, and they are all flirty…or at least some of them were.  Not this guy though:

This guy wouldn’t say anything. I guess he was “in character”.  Or gets scared talking to girls….one or the other.

Apparently people are up in arms that the Iowa State Fair is planning a tribute of Michael Jackson by creating a butter statue of him.  Since the decision was made, people have been protesting the decision.  I guess they are protesting his controversial character.  Some believe he has no connection with Iowa (which the fair points out his false as he along with the Jackson Five performed in 1971 at the fair).  So, they are putting the decision to a vote that ends next Friday.  As someone who is from the great state of Iowa, I’m just sitting out here shaking my head.

But on a more positive note, I was happy to have received my t-shirt I ordered last week.

“Iowa: Cooler than California since 2009” –  a nod to the State Supreme Court decision about Gay Marriage in Iowa.  My friend from high school who lives in California bought one too.  We’re both disappointed that our respective states can’t get their shit together on this issue, yet our home state can. One of the times I am proud to say I’m from Iowa.

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  1. Just me... says:

    You couldn’t get Boba Fett to warm up to you, huh? :)~~~~
    Looks like you all had a great time!! :):):)

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