Rush Hour Traffic


Oh, how I hate thee in the summer.

I don’t hate rush hour traffic because it is simply “rush hour traffic”,
I am annoyed at the number of people who decide to drive in it
Who have no experience driving in it, so don’t know how.
People who are coming back from spending the day up at the beach.
Or up on the mountain camping.
Who drive timidly,
Who do not know that the left hand lane is for passing & fast cars,
Who defy the flow of traffic,
Who get the in way of those of us eager to get the hell home.
Those of us who did not spend a pleasant day at the beach or mountain.

I understand rush hour traffic can be scary.
There are a lot of cars on the road.
And they are driving with purpose,
And many times, they are driving fast.
It can be intimidating.
Just realize that stopping a lane of traffic because you are switching lanes,
And are looking for a full car length opening,
Is pissing people off – not endearing yourself to the other drivers.
Find an opening and go. (good advice for many situations in life)
Don’t wait for a hand delivered, engraved invitation.
You won’t get one.

Or better yet, time your return to the city during non-rush hour traffic.
Around here that is roughly before 3pm and after 6pm.
I really think you will enjoy that drive more during those times.
And I will will enjoy it if you drive during those times too
As it will mean my commute from work to home stays around 30 minutes instead of the hour it becomes
During the summer.

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  1. rage says:

    I hate rush hour traffic because there just isn’t any way to get away from it…no matter which way you take to get away from it…

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