Karma in Action


My parents have been in the final phases of buying a house for the past like two months.  They have shown the patience of saints where I would have been flipping out.

I got a call.  My mom is in tear which makes me immediately wonder if everyone is okay – specifically my dad (aka: heart attack #2 waiting to happen).  She assures me everyone is fine.  They just got done signing the papers to their house.

So why the tears?  My mom about 2/3rds of the way through the signing notices the loan is different than what they had expected. The interest rate had dropped another half a percent which was good, but the loan itself was totally different.  He told her that he would explain after the signing was done.

Afterwards he admitted that the change interest rate actually disqualified them for the loan they were supposed to get….and the other possible loans too.  I guess the rules for qualification had changed with the drop in interest rate which is why they found themselves in this position.  My mom and dad listen to this explanation – then ask what they just signed if they were not qualified anymore.

The mortgage broker basically gave them $1800 so that they would qualify for the new loan.  He couldn’t bear having to call them two days before signing to say they were no longer able to get the house.  Instead, he gave them money to make sure they could get their house.  He likes them.  They are patient and easy to work with.  Also, he was impressed by the number of people they were already referring to him, so he wanted to take care of them.  He wanted them to get their house, so he gave them money that he would have made off the loan process.

My mom cried.

But, it gets better.  Soon after this news, she gets a call from the husband of a good friend from Iowa who when she last saw in November was in the final stages of cancer.  They had just gotten hospice involved since things were not looking well.  Her husband called because he wanted them to know that she has no evidence of the disease.  There had been some recent developments that caused the doctors to rescan her, and they were all shocked that it’s gone.

My mom cried again.

And my dad who has been working part time since they moved out here because he hasn’t been able to find a full time job may have a full time job now.  While this isn’t a done deal by any means, this is the first solid lead he has had on a job in a long time.

Karma….it’s the only explanation.

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  1. Just me... says:

    It’s said what goes around comes around.. And on occasion you just gotta believe that good things will happen to you.. Glad it’s your parents turn now!!! :):):)

  2. rage says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Karma could be the only explanation…

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