Day 196 – Learning Something New


Derek rides an old road bike I picked up years ago.  It drove me crazy, so I always chose my mountain bike over it.  In fact, I was going to get rid of it before he moved in.  He doesn’t mind it, so he rides it to and from work each day and around the city.

Derek has bad luck with the bike.  He got a flat tire one of the first times he rode it, so he got it fixed.  Then the other one looked low, so he over inflated it to the point where he wrecked the tire.  He then was riding to work one day and had one of the wheels break.  We got that fixed.  Today, he starts on his ride, gets a short distance away, and gets another flat.

Tonight I came home from the movie to see Garbanzo teaching Derek how to fix a flat tire.  (And during the course of fixing it, they broke one of the brake pads off.  We’ll see what the damage ends up being on that one.)

Here is Derek on the porch trying to pretend he knows what to do next. Garbanzo was on the phone.

Here is Derek trying to entice me into lusting after him.  I believe his approach is if he can’t have Garbanzo, he’ll have me instead so he’ll be close to Garbanzo.  Notice he’s holding tools and showing me more of his chest.

Here is Derek pretending he knows he’s holding a brake pad in his hand.

Here is Derek realizing his hands are all dirty.

To quote Derek: “I feel so manly now.”

And, so I don’t embarrass just Derek in this post, I leave you with my hot (literally and figuratively) husband Garbanzo who will likely kill me after he sees I posted this.  Actually, this will be a good test since, ahem, he rarely reads my blog.

This was taken after our 21.25 mile bike ride this morning on Sauvie Island, thus the comment about him being hot.  Derek and I think he looks a bit like Goose from Top Gun.

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    Great post.. i truly do not know what i was doing i just like to pretend i am that cool. I can never be as cool as your husband!

  2. garbonzo says:

    I think Mexi was much sexier than I. Looks like I need to lose some more weight so that jersey fits better!

    It was fun fixing Mexi’s bike. It was more fun riding with you! Let’s do that again soon!

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