Day 194 – Heat Wave


A week ago, Portlanders were wearing polar fleece and blue jeans everywhere.  The weather was cold, wet and rainy.  The only thing missing from the March-like weather was having the sun set at 5 pm.

I’m not one to bitch about weather, but we get very little summer out here as it is.  Sure, it is a trade off to what is (to me) a very mild winter, but I need sun by this point every year.  And, it is officially after the 4th of July which means I have a right to bitch about the weather now.  I’m allowed by Pacific NW standards.
About Tuesday, it was as if the weather person flipped the switch on for summer to start.  We went from maybe 65 degrees and rain to sunny with 85 degrees in less than 12 hours.  But, it didn’t stop there – today it will be 95 degrees.  No complaints from me!  We live in the land without humidity and where it cools down quickly at night …. I’m good.
And, here is a potato bug (or whatever their real name is).  In some areas of the country, they are also referred to as “rolly polly” bugs.  They were running around in the backyard.  DJ loves playing with them, so she’ll be happy to hear I found some. 

What do you think?

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