Day 183 – A Day of Yard Work


After going to bed really late – again – we got up too early for a Sunday morning and went for a run.  After some breakfast, I went out and tackled the yard.  I hadn’t been able to walk down the path between the arbor and the deck without getting whacked in the face with a branch.  So, armed with some limb pruners and a bow saw, I set out to fix the problem.

And, created a new problem:

What to do with all of the limbs.  You see, I trimmed all of the bushes, trees, and shrubs.  And then I yanked out the remaining bushes that are dying under the arbor.  This is truly the downside of not having a pickup truck.  No way to get rid of the yard debris.  But, never fear – we found someone on Craig’s List who is going to haul it away really cheap.  The upside, if you will, of the downturned economy.  Everyone is looking to make a few extra bucks.

Then, after spending about 5 hours doing the cleanup, I rested in the hammock, reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and enjoying this day…..(I’ll write more about the book later.)

The 90+ degree weather we have been “enjoying” the past four days finally cooled off to a more tolerable temperature.  Unfortunately, we will be lucky to see 70 degrees most of the week.  The joys of summer in Oregon…’s either/or sometimes.  At least it was nice for my days off.

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  1. Hubman says:

    So you never learned the trick of cutting all of the limbs to ~3ft lengths and then bundling them with twine? It’s amazing how small and compact you can make a big pile of limbs that way…

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