Day 179 – Notification Day


Today was the day two in every three employees was notified tht they were being laid off. Because of the number of employees effective was so great, the WARN Act is being evoked. This means a 60 day notice to all employees.

My boss was stuck handling not only IT but also sales and service. I do not envy her today. I just hope people realize she is also on the list.

Oh, and a little story for you. I guess our president doesn’t like doing this sort of thing. Rather not get his hands dirty. My boss is making him terminate six people personally. As she said, his hands need to have some blood on them today too.

I decided this was the appropriate sign today. Except switch chocolate to an alcoholic beverage of your choice.

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  1. Just me... says:

    Glad your boss is making the president realize that sitting in his ivory tower is just a little too insulating..
    ((Chocolate or alcohol? Hmm.. Alcohol. Takes fewer points to make me not care!!))

  2. Sigh…. So many people handle layoffs badly. Theree is a way to do them with dignity.

    How about we combine chocolate and alcohol and have godiva martini’s?

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