The More You Know – The More You Don’t Want To Know: Part 2


Okay – the whole foot thing gets creeper.

I was in a meeting after lunch where I had two women tell me that the HVAC guy did the same thing to them.  It freaked them both out.  Additionally, I guess he’s touching more woman – on the arm, of course – to test air temperature on the skin.

I can’t believe no one has said anything to Grizzly Adams or to HR?!  Because of the conversation that Grizzly Adams and I already had about this, I let him know.  It’s call protecting the company from a lawsuit at this point.

And the other guy – the one who was just fired?

Turns out he was constantly talking to the female employees who worked for him about their footwear, their feet, and how much he loved sitting in airports looking at people take their shoes on and off.  At least one of the managers who worked for him stopped wearing open-toed shoes because it freaked her out so much. (This manager is fairly young and inexperienced in the workplace, so she and I had a talk about when you need to talk to HR about things like this, etc.)

Oh, and I guess before the phone came back to us – everyone was getting freaked out by the feet picture.  The phone was ringing on his desk after he left – and no one would touch it upon seeing the phone picture.  I guess they were afraid of what could be on the phone.   You know – what he could have touched then touched his… I’ll just stop there because I don’t think I need to paint the rest of that picture.  I guess none of us had taken it that far.

Personally, I’m glad I didn’t touch any of his stuff now.

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  1. Just me... says:

    Sounds like a can of Lysol is in order!!!! :):):)

  2. garbonzo says:

    Am I the only one who is reminded of the Sex and the City episode?

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