The BEST Age


taken 2 years ago

Whenever our kids hit a developmental milestone or we realize they are finally old enough to enjoy something new, Garbanzo and I look at each other and say “this is the best age!”

The statement is never meant to say that the previous age or time was bad.  Just that things have gotten even better than we expected as they’ve grown older.  Even before the first child is born, you get the litany of warnings followed by the evil grin or laughter.

“Just wait until they cry all night or want to nurse all night.”

“Just wait until they start teething.”

“Just wait until they learn the crawl and pull things off of tables.”

“Just wait until they learn to walk and run away from you at the store.”

While some people are willing to share the joys of parenting, there is also this never ending list of things that you should prepare yourself for experiencing.  And, while these times are trying, there is so much joy hidden in those moments.  Realizing DJ was not freaked out but enthusiastic about riding the Burley bike trailer, for example, was an amazing moment where we realized we can start bike riding again.  Just like when the girls learned how to ride their bikes last summer opened up new possibilities in family activities as well as gave us a chance to share something we all enjoyed.

Some of these moments are marked by something being learned – like riding a bike.  Some of these moments for us have happened when one of them relates a story that has us rolling in laughter because it showed how their imaginations were working.  Some have been even simpler moments.

While Garbanzo was at camp last week, we were spending our usual Monday night at the TKD dojang.  Between classes, we walked over to the grocery store to pick up some dog food.  As we were getting ready to cross the street, Indigo slipped her hand into mine.  And, I realized it has been forever since I’ve had to hold a hand while crossing the street.  I realized how big they had gotten.  And, that while this is definitely a fun age, I do miss my squishy girl as I used to call her.  She, just like DJ, has grown up too fast.  She’s a kid now.

When did this happen??  And, how can I slow down the process?  I’m not ready for hands not to be held while walking across the street and all of the stuff you do when your kids are really little.

Especially since that means the preteen years are coming….rapidly!

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  1. Just me... says:

    I’m still at the point where THIS is the ‘best age’ ever!! However, the pre-teens are rapidly approaching.. Here’s to hoping that we continue to feel this way right on through them!!

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