Friday Wrap Up


This week has been crazy…not that I probably need to explain why after my post yesterday! ūüôā

The info about the company is not public knowledge, but you would think it was given the lack of email and other activity occurring. ¬†I usually check my work email before coming to work (I like to know what I’m walking into), and the past three days there has been nothing. ¬†This morning, the only email I had was from a company on the East Coast with whom I’m working on a project. ¬†That was it. ¬†Singapore is usually very chatty, so for them to go totally dark is a bit eerie.
I was looking at our family calendar last night and discovered we have a full weekend followed by a full week.

Tonight, Garbanzo and I are going to see the B52s at the Zoo concert. ¬†And, it’s raining. ¬†Keep your fingers crossed that it stops before the concert. ¬†While I expect a fun concert, I am not too keen on sitting in the rain to see them. ¬†Reading Hubman’s music meme today evoked the memory of what I think of when I hear the B52s. ¬†A guy I used to debate with in high school – to be specific. ¬†He had this total late 50s-early 60s sense of style, and he had bought an old¬†Cadillac¬†convertible complete with fins. ¬†He and his dad spent the year restoring this car and painted it candy apple red when it was done. ¬†He loved the B52s. ¬†So, on debate trips, we would end up listening to them in the van.

The girls are going to do the “overnight” at the taekwondo school. ¬†They try to do a kids’ night out with sleep over every few months. ¬†All of the instructors have lots of fun, and I think they all enjoy a more relaxed time with the kids.

Saturday is when we get the chickens.  That, of and in itself, will be interesting.

Then at 1pm, we meet DJ’s girl scout troop for their camping trip. ¬†They are just going car camping, but we still have to get everything ready – tent, sleeping bags, etc. ¬†I need to look at who is going again to see whose company I have to tolerate, I mean, get to enjoy. ¬†Some of the moms at the school drive me nuts.

Sunday is the North Portland Sunday Parkway Bike Ride. ¬†The city closes off a 7-8 mile loop so that families can get out and ride through the neighborhood. ¬†I’d love to do it, but we’ll see how the girls are holding up by then. ¬†Two overnights back-to-back will be interesting. ¬†They do two loops – one is 4.5 miles while the other is 3.5 miles. ¬†There are activities along the way which is fun. ¬†Who knows if we will go. ¬†We may all be napping.

I will leave you today with a site that is extremely clever.  I like programmers and companies that have a sense of humor, and this company and site definitely qualifies.

HEMA is a Dutch department store.  Here is their website.
Before you click on the link, know the site is written entirely in Dutch – but that won’t matter. ¬†When the site comes up, do nothing. ¬†Just watch what happens. ¬†Like I said, very clever!

Have a great weekend!!
And don’t forget about Dad’s on Sunday!!

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  1. Just me... says:

    Seriously sounds like a full weekend!! And that website was adorable!!! :):)

  2. Osbasso says:

    Loved that site!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Anonymous says:

    don’t kill the girl!!


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