Father’s Day Gift Ideas


It is that time of year again.  Time to figure out what to get Dad for Father’s Day.

If you are a traditionalists, go buy Dad a tie.  If you are like Garbanzo, you will be happy. (He has about 100 ties in his collection.)

If you are looking for new and interesting ideas for Dad, here are some:

Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener
We actually have one of these at our house.  Everyone who comes over falls in love with it.  (Mostly the guys who need to open their beer.)
Cost: $25

I bought mine from Delight.

Solio Solar Charger for Electronics (& iPods)
This is good for Dads who like having their iPods with them and may need the extra charge while they are away from a power source.  This device is actually pretty neat.  You can charge it via the sun (duh!) but also via a USB port on your computer. This is not a cheap gift, but a well appreciated one – at least in my experience it is.
Cost: $126
I bought it from Delight, as well.

I Am Not A Paper Cup
For dads who drink a lot of coffee, here is a ceramic cup with lid that looks just like the cups you get at coffee shops.  Instead of giving the usual coffee mug with “World’s Best Dad” or a DIY picture cup, buy one of these, give your kids some colored sharpies, and let them decorate it for Dad.  If you want to get real fancy, go get the paints for ceramics at a local craft store, but I think sharpies will work just fine. The outer surface is perfect for it.  The cup is double walled which means it will keep liquids hot – not for extremely long periods of time, but long enough, IMO.
Cost: $14

If your dad likes to BBQ, get him a great set of BBQ tools.  We got my father-in-law a similar set many years ago, and he was in heaven.  He loved the carrying case.  He loved the extra tools like the long handled knife.  The only thing that is missing from it is a meat thermometer.  This BBQ kit is about $30 from Amazon.
If you add a meat thermometer, get this one .  My brother, the chef, swears by this style especially for something that may need to cook for a while.  You will find you will also use it in the house – not just on the BBQ.  Good little gadget.

Other great ideas are:
  •  Getting them their favorite TV series on DVD.  
  • A nice family picture for their desk at work is also nice. 
  •  If they have a favorite hobby or activity, it is also nice to get them a gift certificate to their favorite shop.  (While I am not a huge fan of gift certificates, I am when it comes to a specific hobby.  I’ve given them to woodworking shops, outdoor shops, comic book shops….you get the idea.)  
  • Concert tickets to a favorite band is another idea.  
  • My brother recently got sucked into the world of beer making.  There are local shops that offer courses as well as a way to get beer drinkers started, if they are interested in learning.
  • Spend the day doing something that Dad enjoys.  We used to spend the day fishing with my dad when we were kids.  Mom would pack a picnic with snacks.  Makes lots of great memories.
Hope this gives people ideas.  If you order online, remember to do it soon!

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  1. All excellent ideas. I was going to do my list tomorrow, so I will link to yours.

  2. Just me... says:

    Love the charger and the cup!!! Um, for me.. :):)
    If I were evil, I’d take DD to get him exactly what he took her to get for me.. But, I won’t.. I’ll do the right thing and take her somewhere and let/help her pick something out for him.. :):)

  3. i gave up on father’s day when i was younger. So i just tell my mother happy mother’s day instead!

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