Day 175 – Birthday Parties


Normally during the summer, the kid birthday party invites reduce to maybe one in two months. It is kind of a nice change of pace really. Not having several throughout the month like during the school year is nice, to be honest.

This year: we’ve had two birthday parties each week of summer break so far. Today we attended one of one of DJ’s friends. The family was also invited which made it nice given how far away their house is compared to ours. Nice family – nice property – bratty birthday kid. At one point, after the birthday girl had made another kid at the party cry, I pulled her aside and asked if her goal was to make all of her friends unhappy at her party. She replied sheepishly “no”. I then asked if she thought her party would be more or less fun if her friends were crying? She replied her party would be less fun. Then she looked at me and said “I’d better go say I’m sorry.” Good choice, kid!

The main feature at this party seemed to be their flock of chickens. The birthday girl had actually named one of her new chickens after DJ. And, when the kids were playing the treasure hunt game, the two teenage chickens played too. The kids were all carrying them along with the party. The older chickens were equally entertaining. They were chasing the kids around – and even helped hunt for candy after the pinata broke.

This is the little 3-year-old I almost stole from her parents.  What a cutie! She was dressed in her Christmas party dress.  And, when I asked if this was her favorite dress, she told me it has flowers on it – three of them.  

When we were moving the chicken coop, Garbanzo sliced his finger (pretty good) on the sheet metal he used for a roof.  My friend the ex-paramedic deemed it not worthy of an ER trip because there was really nothing to sew up.  The family was about 2/3rds of the way through an extension on their house.  I laughed when I found this note:

Yeah, I’m so doing that next time we have a project!

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  1. Just me... says:

    I thought, since mine has her birthday in the summer, I would avoid the huge-birthday-party-with-too-many-kids… Nope.. I still have to do that PLUS there is the ‘fake birthday’ the schools assign to the kids who have summer birthdays!!!! I get to do two of them!!!!
    I have all the luck, huh!?! :):)
    Oh, and that little girl was adorable!!!!

  2. Hubman says:

    If I didn’t know that Garbonzo is a vegetarian I’d swear he was getting ready to rip the head off that chicken and eat it, based on that evil look of his!

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