Day 156 – Tomatoes Gone Wild


On 26-May, I took this picture of one of my tomato plants.

Nice and healthy, huh?

This is what the same plant looks like today – it has about 10 days of sun and 80+ degree weather.

Notice its height in relation to the tomato stake and the fence.

All of my plants are doing the same thing – but this one is the most spectacular.  And, I have flowers all over the plants.  I would worry that the plant is getting too leggy, but the stalks are nice and thick – I haven’t had to do much staking yet.  I can only hope I get overrun with tomatoes this year.

Remind me in a few months when I’m bitching about the amount of tomatoes and other veggies I have that I made that last statement, okay?

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  1. Just me... says:

    Having had the house on the market, I haven’t planted anything.. So, I’m wicked jealous of those tomato plants!!! Nothing better than a nice, juicy fresh one every day!! Sliced with a little salt and pepper.. :):)
    Oh, hell.. Now I’m hungry!!!

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