Day 153 – TKD Day


Given that I have spent almost half of my day today doing taekwondo (TKD) stuff, it should come as no surprise that my picture of day reflects that.

The girls did a TKD demo at the school talent show.  They broke boards and did self defense.  Then, the girls had a private 30 minute lesson with Master G, the owner and head honcho of the school.  Then DJ had black belt club, aka: Weapons training.  Then they both had sparring where DJ got the crap beat out of her.  Master G has created a special training plan for DJ; she is very good but timid when sparring kids outside of the school.  The training program basically entails the junior instructor beating the crap out of her, but showing her where she is going wrong, etc.  DJ loves it.  We were able to get a quick bite and a beer before the girls tested for their next belts.  Like I said, a day full of TKD.

Because I’m a proud parent, I will be sharing video tomorrow.  DJ kicked ass as always.  Indigo surprised the hell out of us – as always.  Love or hate Master G, he can see those kids who are screwing around but who really know their stuff.  He spotted it in Indigo even when Garbanzo and I hadn’t.

More about that later….

I found these pictures of DJ rather entertaining.  She was getting ready for weapons training with her escrima sticks.  She loves these things.  While training today, I looked up just as one of the boys whacked himself in the face with his own stick.  Thankfully, I was sitting where no one could hear me laugh.  Garbanzo and I still don’t know how he did it, but watching him later in the class, it became apparent that the boy should not be allowed to have sticks.  He almost hit himself several other times….each time, in the face.  I can only shake my head as I’m sure he making some parent very proud.

Okay – here are the pictures.  I love DJ and the faces she makes while posing.

 (Like DJ’s skull and cross bones converse? Gotta love a girl who loves both gold sparkly converse and skull & cross bones converse equally.)

(DJ, when she’s sparring her friend at TKD, will sometimes shout “DIE!” in this deep evil voice.  If she did that with this look on her face, I don’t think the kid would laugh like he does.)
My child.

What do you think?

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