Day 150 – Lubrication for the Concall


You thought I was joking about having a beer during the conference
call with Singapore, didn’t you?

I had shitty day, so an 8pm call was not making me happy. The beer
helped. Finding out the people who were supposed to be on the call
canceled last minute just capped the shitty day. So we have a 7am call

The only good thing about tonight: my boss telling me that she doesn’t
care what they think. This is what they are getting. If they don’t
like it, I will be presented it to the executives instead. My proposal
is dead-on. A silver lining of sorts.

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  1. Hubman says:

    Hey, didn’t I have a Boddington’s with you on Saturday night?

    Sorry, not so sorry, about the conference call…

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