Worst Daughter Ever!


Last night, as I was getting ready to run on the elliptical, I get a frantic call from Garbanzo.

“Your parents are driving up tonight – did you know this?”


“Your mom just called me, they are on their way, they are staying in a hotel.  Did you know this?”

“Uhm, no….let me call them.”

I check my phone and confirm the fact that I have not missed any calls from them.  Then, I call my mom who immediately starts rambling on about us keeping our plans, they are coming up to see the girls and deliver birthday presents.  She starts telling me they had meant to surprise me for lunch, but overslept.  I should mention at this point that my parents live 3 hours away from me.  They aren’t coming from down the street.  I keep trying to interject and point out that a phone call would have been more appropriate.  She wasn’t listening.  Her only comment – “you’ll be back by 9pm right?  We’ll see you when you get back.”

I should mention we had dinner plans.  We were going over for dinner at 7…probably eat by 8….would I be home by 9….doubtful.  I told her this.  She blows me off.  I hang up.  I am not amused.

I call one of my brother….my parents live near both  brothers, so I’m curious if they said anything to them.  I mean, the dog usually goes to this brother’s house when they are away.  His response, “they are doing what?? That’s fucked up,”  He then pointed out that they never drop by his house even though he lives nearby.  He almost said it like he was sad.  I can fix that for him!  Anyway, after chatting with him for a while, getting confirmation that my parents are indeed crazy, I am even more annoyed.

Garbanzo is still wigging out a bit.  The compulsion to be the good son-in-law is conflicting with his frustration at the situation.  He is on the verge of calling our friends and trying to reschedule.   My attitude – fuck them!  If I would have done this to them, my dad would have been pissed and asked “don’t you know how to use a fucking phone?”  (We all are my father’s children when it comes to swearing.) Then I would have probably heard comments about common courtesy, etc.  For me, at least, their lectures are long gone.  Now they are just passive aggressive about it.  They would have kept their plans.  And, if they didn’t, I would have heard about it all night in snide comments.

So, I told Garbanzo not to worry about it.  I am pretty clear with them that life in our house during the week is hell.  Between work, school, practices and other end-of-school year activities, during the week is not a time to visit us.  May this be a lesson to them.

Sadly enough, I don’t think they got it.  Maybe diverting them to my brother is the right thing….hmmm.

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  1. Yeah they were wrong to do that.

    Hopefully they won’t be passive-aggressive about your not being there.

  2. Just me... says:

    I’ve always said, no one can make you crazier than your family… And, parents can top that list!!
    However, having lost dad a little over a year ago, I’d let them drop by anytime.. Even if they did have to wait for me to get back home.. :):)

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