When Garbanzo and I told the girls that our friend was moving in with us, we told them they were getting an older brother.  The kids were obviously confused by it all.  They asked questions and eventually guessed who was moving in with us.  They were excited.

What I think they have really enjoyed is the fact he will get bored and take them on excursions.  Yesterday, he took them on a weird scavenger hunt.  They walked around the neighborhood and took pictures of the odd things they found.  Since they were near the community college, finding weird things was pretty easy.  And because he is a teacher, he had DJ acting as scribe – recording the order in which they found the things as well as what they took pictures of.

Then they came back, ate ice cream, and played Wii until he declared it time for them to play outside.

They had asked to have a water fight in the backyard.  It was 80 degrees outside, so I told them they could but to keep it in the backyard.  Oh, and don’t shoot Mexi who was napping on the hammock.  DJ and Indigo had a huge water fight.  And, eventually, they hit Mexi.

Mexi initially just relocated to the deck.  The kids continued to have their water fight complete with ongoing commentary and with a story regarding the battle itself.

That was until they hit him with the water again…..

He was nice when Indigo ran out of water….

Then he demanded their surrender.

In the end, they surrendered….except…

They don’t appear to know what surrender means.

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  1. Mexi seems awesome! I am glad the girls had fun!

  2. Just me... says:

    Some of the most fun I had as a child were the minor excursions we took.. Once we walked in a creek from our house to the river (maybe a mile).. It required no money, it filled what would have been an otherwise boring afternoon and we all still remember the fun of it to this day.. Congrats to Mexi for giving the girls one of those afternoons… :):)

  3. Hubman says:

    Looks like loads of fun!!

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