Too Snarky?

A few months back, I shared with you a networking joke.  A networking joke that my cohort Mr Chatty put in a presentation for his team.  
Guess what?  They never got it.  
Guess who’s pissed?  Yep – Mr Chatty.  
Guess who has good Scottish blood like I am?  Mr Chatty.  Which means he is REALLY pissed.  
Layer on top of this discover the fact Mr Chatty was up all night Sunday troubleshooting an issue with the phone system his team should have been able to solve, and the guy is out for blood.
His team’s explanation as to why they couldn’t do it is that they don’t understand how the phone system works.
Mr Chatty put together a presentation called “how to troubleshoot a phone issue”.  He sent me a copy and asked, “is this too snarky?”
First off, that is not a good question to ask a person who is snarky and a smart ass.  Before opening it, I call over to him and asked “really, do you think I’m the right person to make this judgment call?”  
His response was “just read it”
I did.
I laughed so hard; I almost cried.  
He stood in the entrance of my cube and said, “I guess I should reword it?”
After I regained the ability to speak, I told him not to change it.  
My favorite parts were the section entitled “the journey of a phone call” where he tells the story about a phone call and its journey through the system to a person who answer & the recommended reading which included “Telephony for Dummies”.  
Snarky? Yes.
Too Snarky? Probably.
Deserved? Absolutely.
He’s tried reason.  He’s tried patience.  I think it is time he tries snarky.
Like I said, I probably am not the right judge on this one.
He left it alone and presented it last night.  The feedback from the main guy who caused him grief: “Is it really that simple?”
Gee, way to catch up there, Brainiac.  Think that’s why your boss is pissed off at you? 
I guess the point was made.


Oh, and think of me this afternoon. I am being forced by Mr Chatty to go to see the new Star Trek movie.  He calls it “team building”.  I call it him taking advantage of this decision being made while I was out of the office, thus getting to make it for me.

 I am an IT geek, but not a Trekkie.  Yes, you would expect the two to go hand-in-hand, but I’m a rebel that way.  And yes, Mr Chatty knows this little fact about me.  He asked me two days before convincing our boss that this would be a great team building activity.  Yes, I’m happy I’ll be out of the office for a few hours. I would just rather pick my own movie. I don’t hate Star Trek, just don’t get the cult following.

One of our analysts who was moved into the IT department a year ago is the one really not looking forward to it.  We are sitting in our weekly IT staff meeting talking about the movie, when she recounts a conversation she had with her son about it.

“See that movie, Tim? I have to go see it with the IT geeks at work.”
“I bet they are ubber geeks if they want to see that movie.”
“Yeah, Tim, they are ubber geeks.”

You could hear a pin drop as all of her peers are staring at her with blank expressions.  She didn’t quite get it until I said “You know you are surrounded by ‘ubber geeks’ right now, don’t you?  Oh, and you are now one of us, Ms I’ve-been-writing-code-all-day.”

The light bulb went on, and she turned an interesting shade of red, then started talking about the Star Trek movies asking if people think they did a great job with the casting, etc.   She knows more about the movie than I do.  Yet, I’m the ubber geek….hmmm…well, I did redeem myself when the conversation turned the new Wolverine movie  and someone said “I guess they changed his origin not that I know what it is.”  Sadly, thanks to Garbanzo, I do.  Ubber geek status reinstated.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. You can just nap during the movie. I have done that when I’ve taken darling boy out to one.

  2. Just me... says:

    An IT geek and not a Trekkie?!?
    Care-ful… They’ll kick you out of the un-ion!! :):):)
    Oh, and the nap thing sounds sooo good right now.. :):)

  3. Emmy says:

    ASM – The nap does sound good. I guess who I sit by will dictate if I can get away with it. 🙂

    Just Me – When the crew that interviewed and hired me found out I was not a Trekkie, they me a bad hire. But, I proved my geekiness in other ways, so they let me stay.

  4. I am not a fan of Star Trek so a nap is what I would be having 🙂

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