Day 147 – Beautiful. Gorgeous. Wish You Were Here


(name that movie quotes if you can.)

We spent another gorgeous day doing touristy things in Seattle.  And, while the others went up the Space Needle, I stayed on the ground.  I’m a lame-ass when it comes to heights.  Not all heights, mind you, but some.  And, I know getting to the top of the Space Needle would have probably ruined my day regardless of if I made it up there or not.  I try to think of it as knowing my limits, but I’m a lame ass – regardless, I digress.

So while the others enjoyed a spectacular view, I took pictures from below.  My most amazing picture that I stumbled across – and thanked every deity that my camera was ready to shoot – was this one:

I cropped it so you can see it better… Yes, I caught a hummingbird mid-flight – twice.  Had on the right lens and everything.  I have missed several opportunities in the past…several….but not today, obviously.

Here are some other random shots from around the Space Needle.

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  1. Hubman says:

    So that’s what you were doing while ASM, Garbonzo and I went up the Space Needle! I’ll have to post the picture I have of you looking like an ant waaaaaaaaaay down there on the ground. Lame ass… *wink*

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