Day 143 – Sicko


Indigo was sent to see Garbanzo today around lunch time.  She was complaining about a headache and had a low grade fever (99 to be precise).  She laid down for  a while, had some lunch, then went back to class when she seemed fine.

Soon after, she was sent to him again.  She laid down and took a two hour nap.  It was clear when she got up that not all was well, so he skipped his staff meeting to bring her home.  We are pretty sure it is a small bug of some sort – nothing to worry about.  This little thing has been hitting everyone the same – low grade fever, sleepy, and headache.  Goes away pretty quickly.  The fact she and her sister were up late last night didn’t help.  The downside of sharing a room.

While she laid on the couch being sick, DJ decided to entertain her….

And she wonders why I refer to her as my crazy child…..

What do you think?

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