Day 123 – Birthday Tulips


On Monday, I got tulips delivered to me at work.  They were from Garbanzo and the girls.  I’ve been wanting to take a picture of them because they are rather pretty – but they are standing straight up – and I’m not tall enough (without standing on something) to take a decent picture.  This picture isn’t bad, but there is a better one to be taken.  Maybe tomorrow before everyone gets to work….assuming I can find something to stand on without wheels.  It wouldn’t be a good way to start my day – losing my balance on a wheeled stool and hitting my head.  Giving my coworkers fodder for the next year should probably be avoided.

Getting flowers at work is always an interesting way to find out which women are happy in their relationships.  I get everything from “isn’t it nice when they surprise you?” to “my husband would never do that for me – last time I suggested he send me flowers, he suggested I send them to myself.”  I usually end up learning way too much about my coworkers and their personal lives.

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  1. Just me... says:

    Beautiful tulips…
    And count me in the ‘jealous’ category.. :):):)

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