Curve Balls


I could make this post all about how life throws you curve balls you don’t always see.  Or make some other metaphorical reference to batting, but I won’t.

It wasn’t my intent anyway.

Plus it’s Saturday.  I’ll leave the deep thinking for another day.

Instead, I present to you a demonstration of why as a batter, a curve balls looks like it is going straight until it curves at the last minute.  At a high level, the top spin on the ball makes it appear to be going straight while the whole time it is curving.  There is no sudden curve.  Pretty cool.

Here is the visual demonstration of it .

For a list of The Best Illusion winners, click here .

And yes, I do realize that while this wasn’t a deeply philosophical post, it is scientific which can be deep – just a different kind.  And maybe a bit too much thinking for a Saturday. But, I thought it was cool.

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  1. Dana says:

    It *is* cool!

  2. Osbasso says:

    I was partial to the painted dove, but it was a great site!

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