Strange Rules

Sending the kids to bed at night is never a simple task.  It usually involves at least two visits from them.  They may be looking for something or tattling on the other.  They are pretty predictable that way.

The other night’s visit was not quite expected.  Garbanzo was out, and Indigo suddenly appeared rambling on about the new rule that DJ was violating.  Huh? Explain please.

“Papa said that DJ can’t use sign language until July.”


DJ’s teacher is deaf.  She was taught to read lips very early in her life – it was the way they used to ensure the deaf kids could be mainstreamed.  She tells some very interesting stories about how they “taught” her to be “normal”, if you will.  I find it quite scary because she is my age which means this was the medical thinking in my lifetime.  Anyway, when she got older, she learned signed language and now uses both.  And, to be open about her deafness with the kids, she teaches them sign language….a lot of sign language.

Anyway, I told Indigo that she would have to take that up with Garbanzo because I am not familiar with the rule. And back to bed she went.

I hadn’t remembered this until we were laying in bed talking.  I asked him if there was some rule about sign language and DJ.

He said there was, but it wasn’t the one Indigo had told me.

It seems on the way home from taekwondo, Indigo had asked DJ a question.  Instead of just ignoring her sister like she has a way of doing, DJ answered her in sign language.  This made Indigo mad, so she asked the question louder.  Again, DJ answered her in sign language.   By this point Indigo is going crazy.  She can’t tell on her sister for ignoring her; Indigo wasn’t being ignored.  Indigo simply couldn’t understand the answer.

By this time, Garbanzo get involved.  After learning what was happening, he instituted the rule.  The new rule is you must answer your sister in a way she understands.  Sign language is acceptable, but only if you are also using your voice.

At this point in the story, I am laughing so hard I am crying. I didn’t need to be there.  I can totally see the whole thing happening.

We are in so much fucking trouble as these two get older.

As a side note, Popo is not a typo.  DJ decided a year ago to dub Garbanzo Popo and me Momo.  I have no idea why.  I think it started as a joke, and she decided it was better than mom and dad.  So, I call her Dodo.  It all works out.

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  1. You are in BIG trouble when they get older. Have you checked out boarding school?

  2. Just me... says:

    Reminds me of the ‘no-one-ever-touches-anyone-ever-again-in-this-car’ rule my mother instituted on a grocery trip one day. Which immediately resulted in the ‘i’m-not-touching-you’ torment.. :):)
    My poor mother… It is so much easier with only one kid!!!!

  3. Emmy says:

    ASM – Garbanzo is bent on putting them in convents. Something about keeping them away from boys as well.

    Just Me – That’s what drives Garbanzo nuts – he never experienced this as an only child. So, while I roll my eyes, he often asks aloud why he let me talk him into having a second child.

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