Day 99 – The Missing Picture & A Bit More

I don’t know how it happened really.  I normally have my camera on me about 99% of the time.  And, if I don’t have it on me, I use my iPhone when inspiration strikes.

I stayed out too late.  Yeah, that’s my excuse.  And, when I got home, I realized I had nothing from yesterday.  Nothing on my phone (or nothing on my phone I could share, is more appropriate) – nothing on my camera.  I had nothing.

I could have taken a picture and posted it and you would have been none the wiser, but it was 1:30 am, I was tired – and not feeling creative.

So, I missed my first day – day 99.  I am actually impressed with myself that I got this far before I missed it. We’ll pick back up today for Day 100.  I am mentally trying to think of what we is on the agenda for today – but my brain is awake, just not functioning 100%.

I realized at 7 am when Indigo came in to ask us the first of many questions that this is why we do not go out this late very often.  I am just thankful we have a friend who babysat for us whose husband works overnight shifts at his company.  She is a night owl on the weekends, so she considered the time when we returned early.  This is good to know since we have tentative plans to go out again.  We’re trying to be better about going out sans kids….we don’t do it enough.  But, it is getting much better than it was.  It is amazing what a list of babysitters will do!

What do you think?

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