Day 97 – Swinging


(sorry – not that kind of swinging….)

Walking into the house after working for almost 12 hours today, I was surprised to find the house empty.  I paused to set down my stuff, and in that pause, heard the singing.  I knew where everyone was – they were outside enjoying the last of our non-rain weather.

The kids were outside swinging and singing.  The two go together in our house.  They will spend hours back there swinging, singing and talking.  Sure, there is a slide and monkey bars and a neat fort, but the swings are where they always end up.

I have had a shitty three days at work.  Seeing them out there without a care in the world seeing how high they could swing into the air made me remember what life is really about.  Work yields a degree of satisfaction and the all important paycheck – but the times like these – the memories, the kids, the time together – that is what life is about.

So work stress be damned.  It can stay at work.  The same shit will be there tomorrow – but tonight, I’m going to enjoy the last of the dry weather and not curse the fact I had to work so long today, but celebrate the fact I’m home.

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  1. Hubman says:

    Your title, well, anyway…

    I love watching our kids play on the swingset, like you it reminds me of whats important in life.

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