Day 94 – 70 Degrees!!


On April 1st, the local weather people reported the March was the coldest one we have had in 20 years.  The average temperature should be 58 degrees, but the average temp this year was more like 48 degrees.

For those of you in other parts of the country, you are probably thinking “cry me a river”.  But, I moved from the Midwest to escape the weather.  Rain, I can deal with – but the arrival of early spring always makes the rain a bit easier to handle.  Except this year.

They promised we would have a nice weekend.  And, today, it was wonderful.  Blue skies – 71 degrees.  The yard was finally dry enough to start the annual spring clean-up, which started bright and early thanks to our dogs escaping the yard.

I shouldn’t say escape because that would imply that they had to figure out how to get out – make a tunnel, squeeze between the slats of the fences, something.  No, they got out because our kids and the neighbor kids did not shut the fucking gate despite the fact both Garbanzo and I reminded them about 30 times yesterday.  So, the dogs escaped and were thankfully found before they were trying to go down the on-ramp to the freeway.  I’m just glad Portland is a huge dog city because I guess about 6 different cars stopped and tried to corral them.  Harry, the bad dog who is the runner came back home and evaded capture.  Bob happily went to the nearest person who brought him home.  So, before we started on the yard, we fixed the gate making it nearly impossible for the kids to open it.  (Our kids and the neighbors usually climb over the fence between our houses – so no real loss of accessibility.)

Late in the afternoon, we went downtown because DJ had a project for school.  Since we are close to downtown, she was supposed to take pictures for a poster showing the highlight of that neighborhood.  I took my camera too.

The Hawthorn Bridge as seen in such movies as “The Hunted”.
Portlandia Sculpture
Portland Floating Maritime Museum which is aboard one of the last steam powered tugboats.
Click on this one to see it full-sized. 
This is one of the stones at the Japanese American Peace Garden.  The cherry blossoms are in full bloom.  The  garden honors the Japanese Americans interned during World War II.  Portland was one of the sites of the internment.  In fact, the street where this is located is named after a Japanese business man whose family lost everything as a result of the internment.  He went on to buy and rehab what is now known as Old Town in Portland.  Below is another picture.
This is one of the entrance markers.

What do you think?

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