Day 91 – Presents


In addition to recovering from the trip yesterday, the great unpacking began (and is currently all over our living room).  I will spare you a picture of that because to be honest, I don’t even want to look at it.

Out of the bags, in addition to the dirty clothes, came presents.  When Garbanzo unzipped his checked bag, he was surprised to see there was not a note saying it had been inspected.  I asked him why he was shocked, until he pulled out this:

It is about a foot in length.  It is a Mayan gardening tool.  And, he brought it back for me.  The archeologists who were clearing out the more recently discovered Mayan ruins were using this tool to do it.  It chops, it pulls, it digs.  It is considered the ideal gardening tool.

I personally am looking forward to using it.  There is a shit load of ivy growing into our yard from our neighbors’ yards, and this would be perfect.  It would also be great to use on those fucking blackberry vines.

For anyone who is reading this and thinking “wow, blackberry vines!”, you need to understand that they take over.  They suck.  Oh, and they hurt like hell.  They have thorns – a lot of them.   Have I mentioned they are intrusive?  I’m looking forward to taking this tool – and whacking the hell out of them (and yes, Hubman, I said “whack”!)

Now I just need to talk to my friend, the forger (the good kind, not the bad), and see if he’ll sharpen it for me.

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  1. Hubman says:

    What’d I do to deserve the ‘whack’ comment? lol…

    So, a little hostility towards some harmless vegetation? Have fun with that!

    Cool present, though!

  2. willing to come over and help whack your bush!! ha ha ha im dirtty!

  3. Emmy says:

    Hubman – I have no idea what you’ve done to deserve that comment. 😉

    Mexi – I love you! I never put that together, and actually, in hindsight, I’m surprised you were the first to do so! See you tomorrow night!!

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