Day 115 – El Frijole

This is Garbanzo.  Garbanzo is our Siamese cat we have had for 14 years now.  He only has half a tail.  The other half was removed when he was a kitten.  No idea how he broke it, but I do know it would not heal, so I demanded the vet just remove it.  The vet was still trying to “save it”, but to put it bluntly, the tail was getting rather crunchy.  I felt it was time to admit the truth.

Garbanzo is my arch-nemesis.  While we were once friends, now we do battle.  You see, Garbanzo believes that Garbanzo (yes, this is confusing) is the only one that should sleep in the bed.  The cat tries to make it difficult for me by sleeping on my head.  Or walking on me at night – he is a very heavy cat.  And Garbanzo the Cat likes to, shall we say, try to disrupt activities that he should not be a part of.  I have thrown him off the bed on more than one occasion.

Garbanzo has bit his share of visitors to our house.  Everyone walks in and immediately comments “what a beautiful cat!”  Then he bites them despite my warnings.  He lures them in by acting like he is friendly, then draws blood.

We have nicknamed Garbanzo – El Frijole, El Jefe of the Free-Frijole Revolution.  In the summers, he sits in the open windows yowling as loudly as he can.  Cats from the neighborhood will come onto our porch to see him. We call these is political speeches from behind bars.  You see. Garbanzo is a political prisoner.  Never allowed to leave.  Held against his will.  And, tortured by the vet and dogs.  At least, that is how he acts.

Now you know a bit more about the cat that gave Garbanzo his blog-name.  The crazy Siamese who allows us the honor of living in the house and serving him.

What do you think?

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