Day 100 – Dandelions

Some people see these as weeds to be sprayed.  
Some people see them as flowers for kids to pick and give to their moms.
At our house, they are guinea pig food.  

Now that they are back in the yard, we have to make sure that people don’t try to spray them.  Every day we go out in the yard and pull them for the guinea pig.  In the summer, when it is warm, we go ahead and put up a pen and let her graze.  She loves it – and she keeps the dandelions under control.

And, when we do go out and pull them, we don’t throw them in the yard debris can – we just toss them into the guinea pig cage – and she is in hog heaven.


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  1. Very interesting. I just yank them up myself and toss them in the trash.

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