April Fools Day


Part of me wanted to be clever and come up with some great post that tricked everyone for April Fools Day.  After spending a week without Garbanzo and with my evil genius Indigo – and spending the last two days driving about 2.5 hours roundtrip between home, school, and work – I decided that I am all out of creative right now.  So, instead, I decided to share a joke Garbanzo played on his rugby team a few years ago.

When Garbanzo decided he wanted to play rugby, the only team willing to teach someone the game was the local gay rugby team.  Garbanzo joined, fell in love with the sport, loved the camaraderie that comes with it,  and made many good friends.

The thing about Garbanzo is he calls himself a “social chameleon”.  His brain is filled with lots of knowledge about lots of things.  So, when he’s out with the gay team, people often assume he is gay too.  Why? Because he understands the culture, if you will.  An obscure quote that only a gay man would understand is understood by him, thus making people wonder – “is he gay?”

Garbanzo decided to leverage this aspect of his personality and created this email:

Sent: Sunday, April 1, 2007 9:51:03 AM
Subject: An Announcement

Dear Team,

Many of you emailed and texted me last night about my absence from Fred’s party.  I responded to you all that I was sick and staying home with my family.  That was only part of the story.  The fact of the matter is that Emmy and I have been engaged in a long-term discussion about our relationship that has been brought about by my participation with the team.  Suffice it to say that spending so much time with so many wonderful men has stirred up some feelings in me. 

I tried to keep them under wraps, but found that they were creeping in to my daily life.  Soon Emmy took notice.  After some initial shock and dismay, she has become very supportive.  We have been seeing a counselor and having many family meetings.  The girls are a bit confused, but that is to be expected.

I would like to thank you all for you love and compassion.  Spending all this time with you has been wonderful and enlightening.  i feel free to be the man I always knew was inside!

Thank you so much!  And Happy April Fools Day! 

The reactions were hilarious!  Everyone fell for it – hook, line & sinker.  Since it was a Sunday and they had been drinking the night before, many hadn’t realized it was April Fools Day until the end of the email.

And, on that note, Happy April Fools Day!  Remember that it is a day of trickery before you go believing something someone tells you.  It may help you save face!

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  1. Finally i get to read it! ha ha ha thanx for sharing emmy!

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