The Circle of Life


I am raising two smart ass children.  We are walking back to the car after going to the store, and the kids were dawdling per usual.  I tell them to hurry up because I’m cold.

Indigo turns to me and says:
“Nice to meet you, Cold.  I’m Indigo.”

Then proceeds to shake my hand as though we have just been introduced.

Why did she do this?

Whenever she or her sister come whining to me that they are hungry.  I say and do the same thing.

But, I should look at this differently.  Why do I say this to my kids?  Because my dad used to say it to us.  So may be I should look at this as more of a tradition.  Some families have stories or open their presents on Christmas eve.  Our tradition, if you will, is the smart ass responses, carefully passed from parent to child.

Yeah, I like that explanation better.

Until, of course, I have to explain it to the teacher.

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  1. Sarcasm is the gift that keeps on giving.


    Tact is for people who are not witty enough to be sarcastic.

    Either one is good.

    I am sure your kids know who they can and can’t use the sarcasm around.

  2. Hubman says:

    Whenever my mother accuses me of being a smart-ass [and she’s usually right, btw] I remind her that I’m following her example.

    Darling Boy is starting 🙁 lol….

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