My Kingdom for a Nap & Other Random Things

My daughter snores. To be fair, she has a cold, but she is still snoring. Why does this matter? She and I are sharing a room at my parents’ house. And, I cannot sleep with someone snoring. Since I was considered a tolerant person on the softball team in college, I would always get paired up with his one person who snoring could shake the hotel. I would throw things at her. I can’t exactly do that to my daughter. And, I have signed myself up for another night of this too. My mom begged me to stay until she got home, so I’m going back Saturday instead of tomorrow. I just want my own room. But, having my own room wouldn’t have mattered last night. Last night, their dog decided he wanted to play with my dogs. So, he howled, barked, whined….you name it. My dad, Mr Retired from 22 years in the Field Artillery, doesn’t hear it because he can’t hear it. It drove me fucking nuts.

I bought my dad a wireless router today. He has a PC and wouldn’t need it normally, but I decided I needed Internet access while I was here. And, the neighbor who I normally steal it from figured out how to secure her Internet.
My parents found God a few years ago. And, I only say it somewhat sarcastically not because I think there is anything wrong with it. Not at all in fact. In fact, it is great that they have found connection with their faith. My parents have done a total 180 in every part of their thinking. Again, not bad, but rather interesting given where they have been. My parents are not bad people – nor were they ever bad people. But, the way they act now, you would think they were the scum of the earth. We have had to have this talk with my dad about once a year over the past few years. A situation will arise and he will feel the need to apologize for how he raised us. My parents were the definition of “working poor” while we were growing up, yet we had shelter, food to eat, clothes to wear, etc. My parents would without a second thought sacrifice for their kids – and they often did. This is the change of thinking that bothers me. I mean, my upbringing made me the way I am today. While I think everyone can think of some things they would rather have not gone through as kids, generally speaking, I would not have changed a thing about how I was raised. Knowing this is what makes it hard for me to hear them apologize, and they have been told this by me many times.
My parents have taken their new mission for clean living very seriously, and believe it also extends to helping their children. My dad, the one who had quite a stash of Playboys, Hustlers and other selections for many, MANY years, now reviews what people using his computer are accessing while on his computer. He doesn’t want any of that kind of activity happening in his house. Fine – not under his roof, blah, blah, blah…..but I could do without it as an adult. (And for me, the worst part is knowing I showed him how to do it while “helping him”.) After everyone leaves, he will review the web history, check on sites, etc. And, he will confront people for sites he feels are inappropriate. Not that I think he would ever confront me for my internet browsing. I think he would die of a heart attack if he read some of the sites I visit – or at least go into shock. This would be uncharted territory with me – my brothers are another story. Oh, and I also don’t want to accidently stay logged into my email either as that might create new discussions I could do without.
So, now, I have wireless in their house. He asked me earlier if I could show him how to tell who is connected, what they are doing, etc. I told him no – that it wasn’t possible – as I stared at the cross hanging next to the computer. I am so going to hell.
But, I can’t give my dad too much crap. For the second time in 18 months, he has found a mysterious lump on Bob, our yellow lab. The first one had to be removed immediately. It wasn’t bad. In fact, the vet said there was nothing to worry about; yet insisted it be removed immediately. The first lump was on his neck. This one is near his hip. Given the lack of straight answers from our vet, I am going to find a different vet this time.
I’m going to have to talk to Garbanzo when he gets back out is iTunes habit. We share an iTunes account, but I get the emails about the activity since I was the one who set it up. Since there is always a delay between when you buy something and when you get the email, I usually open it to see how far back it goes. I got a list of about 20 different song and application downloads the other day with the strangest names. Garbanzo must have been bored while traveling the other day and decided to explore iTunes. I mean, he didn’t have any free time on his hands or anything.
Quite seriously though, I am just happy he and DJ have arrived in Mexico safely and with luggage. I am sure he is enjoying the local beer and tequila. At least they will help him when dealing with his parents.
Happy Friday!

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  1. Hubman says:

    Ah, fun with parents and websites! Funny, I just had a similar experience last weekend…

    What is it about your e-mail? *wink*

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