Morning Negotiations

Sunday mornings around our house are pretty much the same.  The girls get up, eat cereal, and watch cartoons.  Garbanzo and I lay in bed reading while we drink coffee that one of us got up to make.   About 9-ish, one of the girls will come in and ask to play Wii.  We own a Wii, but the girls aren’t allowed to play it very often.  They usually have to earn the right.   We will usually give them an hour to play on it because it means we get to stay in bed a bit longer.  (I know – great parenting!)

This morning is no different than any other Sunday morning.  The only difference – Garbanzo’s answer to the “can we play Wii” question.  They come into our room and ask, and his response is “I don’t think anyone has gotten me breakfast.”  Being who I am, I turn and glare at him.  I mean, get your ass out of bed and get your own breakfast if you want it.

But, the girls see their opening.  DJ confirms what the agreement is.  “If we get you breakfast, we get to play Wii.  Right?”  Garbanzo confirms, and off they run to the kitchen.  

A minute later, Indigo returns with a yogurt and spoon.  She confirms it is the right flavor, then turns to run out of the room again.  Before she leaves, she asks “how many do you want?”  Garbanzo responds with “2” and she runs out.  How many of what is the question.

She comes back a minute later and says “so you want two nuts? right?”  I snicker because….well….it’s funny.  Garbanzo reponds, “oh, you were talking about how many nuts I want”…insert more of my laughter here….”I want 8.”…..yes, more laughter….I can’t help it….I’m like a 14 year old boy when it comes to stuff like this.

The girls both return with the last of his breakfast.  A peanut butter, peanut, and honey sandwich.  This got them 40 minutes of Wii.  They will likely get more depending on how much fighting there is.  

Garbanzo’s response: “Why didn’t I discover this sooner?”  

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  1. Hubman says:

    hehehe, you said “nuts”

    We just bought a Wii today. I see lots of creative briding opportunities in our future 🙂

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