Day 85 – Brotherly Love

After my brother ignoring the questions and comments about going mountain biking, he finally decided to join me….and Indigo. Yep, my 6-year old, up on two wheels a whole 9-months, went “mountain biking” and I do use the term loosely.
Near my parents house is a ravine that has walking trails, but also some bike trails too. The bike trails are nothing extreme, just some nice twists and turns, ups and down. There are a couple of areas where the expectation is you will do a minor jump. But, overall, it is EXTREMELY tame.
We rode down into the ravine. Okay, he road, I walked with Indigo who was a bit freaked out. Once at the bottom, we decided to start with the paved path first. We wanted to see how she would do. She did pretty well, so we cut over and went back on the dirt path which is about maybe a foot in width. Indigo actually did pretty well. She doesn’t always understand the concept of needing to keep the wheels in motion to keep herself upright, but she is a little young for physics. But, when she got going and kept going, she did awesome. She was riding ahead of us, and we would hear her screaming “weeeeee” as she would go down and around a turn.
My brother’s running commentary was hilarious. I have video too and may post some of it another day. He was trying to be Mr Tough Guy while biking. I laughed at him because it’s hard to keep up the tough guy act as you are gasping for air because you are so out of shape.
After dinner, I found him like this:

Poor little guy was tuckered out. Actually what did him in was the climb out of the ravine. It is pretty easy compared to other climbs I have done on trails, but I made a comment that I was going up without stopping. He decided to try to best me. While he did beat me up, I have to point out that Garbanzo had hybrid tires put on my bike since I ride equally on the street. They were slipping in the sand. Can’t go fast if you don’t have traction. When we hit the top, my brother gets off of his bike and says, “I’m going to feel that tomorrow. That was hard.” (I won’t feel that tomorrow because I’m not out of shape – bwahaha.)
When he asked me why I was taking his picture, I told him it was to show how he got his ass kicked on an easy trail. This was the response I got:

Ah, yes, brotherly love. I should also mention he got me back again later when he told my mom that I drove her car and ran into someone else. (I did drive her car again – but I did not hit anyone else. It really is no wonder why my mom didn’t believe us when we told her this story yesterday given the lies we are always telling her. She is easy and fun to get spun up. Thankfully, she also has a great sense of humor and knows she is a target because of her reactions. But, that could be a whole other blog post or three.)

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