Day 74 – Beware the Ides of March

My poor brother was born on the ides of March.  I never realized that until we were forced to read Shakespeare’s  Julius Caesar in high school English class.  “Beware the Ides of March” was the warning given to Caesar.  Of course, lots of jokes were made about that one at home….my brother being the target, of course.  I mean, nothing good could come from a person born on the Ides of March.  I believe I probably made some comment to my mom asking if she were warned beforehand to beware of the Ides of March…and subsequently her son born on it.  She loved that one, I’m sure.

What was really ironic about this is the fact my mom and brother were at each other’s throats for most of high school and into college.  At one point, I don’t know who was going to kill them first – me or my dad.  The fighting finally stopped when my dad told my brother to either respect “his wife or get the hell out”.  It was when my brother was home from college one summer.  We weren’t 30 minutes away from school and they were at each other’s throats again.   I still don’t understand what it is about the two of them, but they can fight about anything at a drop of a hat even 20 years later.  Oh, family.

So, this little story has nothing to do with my picture.  I guess I can say that you need to beware of the ides of March in Oregon where the weather is concerned.  Today it was pouring rain most of it.  But, now, the sun acts like its going to come out.  The great tease….

While the kids went outside between rain showers, I called my brother to wish him a happy birthday.  The gift from his daughter was her cold…..learning to share at 8 months, how sweet!  I got caught up on the family gossip.  Then greeted my two wet rats, I mean, children at the door.  There was a downpour and they had initial decided it wasn’t raining that hard, so stayed out longer than they should have.  And, being good Oregonians, they were outside in sweatshirts and sweaters, not raincoats.

What do you think?

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